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 Security is furnished through countrywide safety best security guard commandos. They're armed with heckler & koch mp5 sub-system weapons and current conversation device, and each member of the group is adept in martial arts and unarmed combat competencies. Currently forty vips are furnished with such protection. the z class includes safety by way of the delhi police or the itbp or crpf employees and one escort car. The y category encompasses two non-public safety officers (psos) and the x category, one pso.

practice, the quantity of police employees best security guard  deployed for vip security frequently a ways exceeds the officially allocated an instance, over two hundred civil police not counting armed police, counted as a separate class, or any privately hired security have been posted at mulayam singh yadav's lucknow house in the course of his 0. 33 term as chief minister of uttar pradesh

the  information about safety given to the president , vice-president and the high minister and their families and the "yellow e book" details about safety given to different vips and vvips. The home ministry in coordination with exceptional intelligence agencies problems suggestions for protection cowl. ) cisf  commercial protection force are the agencies answerable for offering securities to vvips, vips, politicians, excessive-profile celebrities and sportspersons. The nsg is used considerably to protect vips and vvips, particularly the ones inside the z+ category. Many nsg employees are seconded to the unique protection group (spg) which guards the high minister. most nsg and spg commandos have already served in para navy forces or unique forces additional info


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